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The Lasting Shape is a Danish and Faroese brand that creates clothing for everyday active wear and training. We launched our first product on January 19, 2022, and since then we have expanded our range with a brand new collection in September 2022.

Our goal is to create minimalist, functional and comfortable clothing of high quality that is suitable for a wide range of physical activities. We focus on creating clothes that are comfortable and supportive while also looking good.

One of our unique features is our support for our customers' desire for exercise, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. We provide free meal plans and training plans to our customers and also collaborate with personal trainers to ensure that our customers have everything they need to reach their fitness goals.

Overall, it is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to be active and comfortable in their everyday and training clothing. Our support for personal trainers and customers shows that we are committed to help our customers reach their health goals, and our quality products shows that we are a brand you can trust.

Got other questions, please contact us here: Support@thelastingshape.com


We are The Lasting Shape

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